Trees for Life – Clare’s vulnerable

Trees for life

Trees for Life – Clare’s vulnerable

Helpers wanted to protect Clare’s vulnerable

In less than 200 years, an estimated 73 species have become extinct in South Australia.

At the state level, more than 1000 species are now listed as threatened under South Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. Nationally, around 200 South Australian plant and animal species are listed as threatened under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

While this might all sound a bit depressing, if some of these ecosystems could be restored by up to 30% of their original extent, they will have a better chance of surviving in the long term.

This is exactly what volunteer bushcarers in the Clare Valley region are doing; protecting the region’s precious native flora and fauna.

In the Clare Valley some flora species such as the White Beauty Spider-orchid and Osborn’s Eyebright, are nationally endangered. But thanks to local volunteers who work with environmental group Trees For Life, patches of remnant vegetation which are home to these endangered species, are being cared for.

Trees For Life is looking for more people to help conserve the Clare region’s natural bushland however.

If you are interested but want to try bushcare before committing any time, a ‘Come and Try’ Bushcare morning will be held at Neagles Rock Reserve on Tuesday, June 2.  Event listing here

You can also attend an Introductory Bush Regeneration Workshop in Clare on Tuesday, June 9.  Trees For Life is considered to be one of the best trainers in bushland management practices in the State and this is your chance to gain more of an understanding in minimal disturbance techniques and other regeneration skills. Event listing here

For more information phone (08) 8406 0500 or visit

PDF Poster can be downloaded here



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