St Peter’s Quiet Garden Project- Progress Report for Diocesan Council February 2017

St Peter’s Quiet Garden Project- Progress Report for Diocesan Council February 2017

The Mintaro community is seeking to collaborate with the Anglican Church, (Diocese of
Willochra), to maintain St Peter’s Anglican Church Mintaro and to develop gardens on the
property where townsfolk and visitors can contemplate, recreate, meditate and have ongoing
access to their heritage.
Mintaro does not currently have a worshipping Anglican congregation, with regular services at St
Peter’s Anglican Church having ceased in 2007. As a consequence the Diocesan Council is
considering the future of the property, with deconsecration and sale an option.
Churches remain part of the collective memory and ongoing spiritual life of a community long
after regular services cease. They continue to have vital meaning as sacred places that reach
across time and specific faith communities.
Mintaro, South Australia’s first heritage town, is defined by its built heritage and is like no other
town in South Australia. Its three churches are an enduring and cherished part of the village’s
built heritage, accessed by many visitors to the town each year.
An opportunity exists for the Anglican Church to work collaboratively with the Mintaro
community to maintain St Peter’s as a consecrated place, by developing the grounds as both a
sacred and secular space for worship, reflection and memory. Such collaboration would enable
the church to minister in new ways, to reach a larger ecumenical faith community. It would also
recognise and reward the goodwill and generosity of the Mintaro community, a community
prepared to actively maintain the church as well as develop and maintain the gardens.

Download the Progress Report:  St Peter’s Quiet Garden Project Mintaro

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